The Foundation for the Development of Africa (FDA) (NPC) is a non-membership, private, (NPC) Not-for-profit company actively involved with initiating and facilitating business and other processes conducive to sustainable development in Africa - with the emphasis on sustainability!

Expo-book Mission - collect on a single site all International and National exhibitions, all the Organizers, Participants and Visitors of international exhibitions, all Companies that provide services related to the exhibitions, active and self-motivated people who want to disclose their potential, to facilitate their possibilities of contacts, search for optimal decisions on participation and related services for Exhibitions.

EXPO Group has 22 years of successful work in the exhibition market. And also serves exhibition services from five continents strong business contacts in 160 countries of the world and also have partnerships with the World Exhibition Organizations.

The Gesellschaft für Neuropsychologie (GNP) has been founded in 1986 as a scientific organization of German speaking neuropsychologists working in the fields of neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation and research. At present, the GNP has more than 1.600 members.

Our main objective is to provide guidelines for postgraduate education and quality control in the area of clinical neuropsychology. Since 1986, the GNP has promoted the professionalization in the area of clinical neuropsychology: a first formal curriculum for postgraduate education in Clinical Neuropsychology has been introduced in 1998 and certification services for qualified Clinical Neuropsychologists as well as accreditation procedures for courses and educational institutions are provided.