Brain Injury

The Brain injury rehabilitation includes two fundamental procedures which are figuring out how to do things any other way when capacities can't be reestablished to pre-damage level and rebuilding of capacities that can be reestablished. It depends on the nature and extent of neuropsychological manifestations distinguished on uncommon batteries of test intended to quantify mind working after cerebrum damage. By considering a wide scope of neuro-practical qualities and shortcomings Brain injury rehabilitation must be structured. Examples of mental health are trailed by mind recuperation. Before fine frameworks gross or substantial scale frameworks must be created (or be retrained). Consideration, center, and perceptual abilities create (or are retrained) before complex scholarly movement can be effective.

  • Vital stim therapy
  • Constraint induced therapy
  • Robotic therapies
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Innovative cognitive therapies
  • Bioness wireless electrical stimulation

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