Spinal Cord Injury

                    The injury of spinal cord due to compulsion, incision and contusion from foramen magnum to cauda equina is Spinal Cord Injury. Traffic accidents, gunshot injuries, falls, knife injuries and sports injuries are the most common causes for Spinal cord Injury all over the world. The most frequent complications after Spinal cord Injury include neurogenic bladder and bowel, pressure ulcers, orthostatic hypotension, deep vein thrombosis, spasticity, autonomic dysreflexia, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, Urinary tract infections, Fractures and depressive disorders. To prevent joint contractures and the loss of muscle strength, conservation of bone density and to ensure normal functioning of the respiratory and digestive system early rehabilitation is important.


  • Central cord syndrome
  • Anterior cord syndrome
  • Brown-sequard syndrome
  • Posterior cord syndrome
  • Conus medullaris and cauda equina syndromes

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